HO YAN HOR - Good to the Last Drop

Combating Cold & Flu
To stay away from minor cold & flu, sit back with a cup of hot Ho Yan Hor and enjoy a moment of relaxation while building our bodies healthier.
A cup of Ho Yan Hor a day makes the annoying sickness go away.

Tropical Hot Weather
Malaysia's average 30 Celsius hot weather and humidity increase the chances of becoming dehydrated with a tendency of suffering from heat stroke, skin rashes and other discomfort.  
It's suitable for the busy urban working executives who are always on the hectic traveling schedules and exposure to the hot sun to have Ho Yan Hor as the soothing and relaxing drink.

Malaysia Food Glorious Food
Malaysia's wide variety of spicy, fried & grilled Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines is something we can't resit - nasi lemak, fried chicken, roti canai, curry, lasak, fried mee/meehoon/keuy tiao, all are delicious to eat, but if over consumed, symptoms such as sore throat, ulcers and pimples will start to show.
To stay away from suffering the heatiness, fending off with the cooling Ho Yan Hor herbal tea.  It helps to reduce the risk of inflammation.

Workload piling up! OT again!
Workaholics are facing heavy workload and sleeping problems.

Go for Ho Yan Hor Night Tea as it helps to relieve the tension and also getting a good night sleep.
HYH Night contains very low caffeine and is formulated with Mulberry leaves as main ingredient which help to dispel wind-heat type of common cold, cough & dryness of throat.
It also clear lungs, moisture dryness, clear liver and brighten the eyes. 
It's a soothing and relaxing drink to consume before sleep - a good night of quality sleep surely helps to improve the work productivity ahead.


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