Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua Tea 何人可连花防疫茶 (45.2G) 1包可煲成两碗 (每碗大概200ml)


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何人可连花防疫茶,含12种中草药,帮助增强免疫力,减轻各种感冒症状如头疼,伤风,发烧,喉咙不适,多痰,身体乏力软弱 等等。

1. 把何人可连花防疫茶配料清洗后倒入锅里。
2. 用1.2公升的水把配料煮开 后用中火继续煮45分钟。
3. 待凉后即可饮用。

一包何人可连花防疫茶可煲成两碗 (每碗大概200ml)。


The NEW Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua Tea is here to Protect Health!
Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua tea comes with 12 types of carefully selected Chinese traditional herbs and its formula helps in strengthening the body’s defense. Drink Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua tea when you start to have symptoms of flu such as headache, fever, throat discomfort, excessive phlegm production, feeling of weakness & etc., to help you feel relieved and recover faster.

3 easy boiling steps:
1. Pour the ingredients into a boiling pot
2. Boil in 1.2 liters of water over medium heat for 45 minutes.
3. Drink when the tea is cooled down
A packet of HYH Lian Hua tea can be boiled into two bowls of about 200ml of herbal tea.
Dosage instruction:
▶️ Adults above 12 years old: Two bowls daily.
▶️ Children between the ages of 6 to 12: 1/4 to half per day.
▶️ Can be taken for not more than seven days. You may stop taking any time when flu symptoms subside.

Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua tea is easy to drink, not bitter, and has no bitter after taste. It is good natural health-boosting herbal tea for family members who need natural health protection.

Note: If the uncommon signs of allergic reaction such as persistent diarrhea, skin rashes or itchiness happened due to drinking of Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua tea, please stop immediately and seek medical advice.
Not suitable for use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Not recommended to consume during menstruation.

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Ho Yan Hor Lian Hua Tea 何人可连花防疫茶 (45.2G) 1包可煲成两碗 (每碗大概200ml)


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