Ho Yan Hor Red Packet 6 Designs (Special Edition)


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Once again, Keith Woo brings his modern retro style to our 2022 Ho Yan Hor Red Packet collection.
The new Ho Yan Hor Herb Series III combines contemporary and vintage design with a certain sense of nostalgia.
The inspirations come from large geometric shapes, bold colors palette, and simple objects and forms.
Bold colors selection is typically visually striking, but adjustments can avoid the excesses with precise saturation. Simply put, moderation is the key.
The herbs are illustrated in simplified forms and highlighted the prominence of the herbs in Ho Yan Hor tea.
To add a slightly modern touch to the retro-inspired design, these herbs are to be illustrated with clean and crisp edges.
The concept of the illustration is attentively crafted to compensate for both unique & bright colors used, yet to balance between complexity and simplicity.
何人可 草本系列三

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Ho Yan Hor Red Packet 6 Designs (Special Edition)


44 in stock