Hovid Garlic Oil 6gm 60’s


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Garlic Oil is formulated using all-natural garlic concentrate to give you loads of health benefits.
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Hovid Garlic Oil comes with Pharmaceutical Standards, equivalent to 6g of fresh natural garlic extract. Garlic contains an active ingredient called Allicin, which was traditionally used to help manage blood pressure and boost the immune system as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. Can be taken daily as a health supplement

The benefits of garlic are attributed to its active compounds mainly alliin and allicin. Both alliin and allicin are well noted for their antibacterial and anti-fungal activities.

Garlic is known as an immunity booster for warding off colds, and preventing infections. Recent clinical reports have shown Garlic plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. It also relieves respiratory problems such as sinusitis and bronchitis (inflammation of air passages in the lungs).

Suitable for:

  • People have a high risk of Cardiovascular diseases
  • People with High Blood pressure
  • Diabetic
  • People who are often sick with cold and flu, throat infection, and with low immunity

Dosage recommendation:

1 to 2 capsules to be taken daily after a meal helps improve health.


Active Ingredients:

Garlic Oil 0.94mg (Equivalent to 3g of Fresh Garlic)


60 capsules in bottle; Light Yellow

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Hovid Garlic Oil 6gm 60's