Hovid Chewette C 100mg Orange Flavour 100’s


Hovid Chewette C is manufactured with Pharmaceutical Standards, free from sugar, preservative, wheat or cornstarch and gluten that may cause allergy. It is a water soluble vitamin for healthy growth and development of children. Helps improve immune system and fights cold and flu.

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Hovid Chewette C is formulated especially for children to maintain a healthy and active. Helps ward off cold and flu and maintains healthy skin.
One chewable tablet of Chewette C has as much vitamin C as in 2 oranges. Comes in yummy Orange flavour.

Dosage Recommendation:
1 Chewable tablet a day, keeping your child healthy and lively

Active Ingredients:
Ascorbic Acid BP 65mg+ Sodium Ascorbate 40mg equivalent 100mg Vitamin C

100 Chewable tablets in Orange flavour

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Hovid Chewette C 100mg Orange Flavour 100's