Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea 6g X 10s (2 boxes)


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A new Ho Yan Hor tea formulation, with a concoction of 29 Traditional Medicinal herbs with Premium Pur Erh tea base. As a natural herbal remedy to help relief from body heatiness, throat discomforts, sore throat, dry mouth and feeling of unwell.  Added with the health benefits of Pur Erh tea. Aid in natural healing and improve body’s defence system. (Expiry Date: 30/09//2021 )

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  • An exquisite concoction of 29 selected Traditional Medicinal herbs
  • With premium Pur Erh tea leaves that has many medicinal values with no bitter and tannin taste
  • Help to relief body heatiness and cools the body down
  • Manufactured under GMP manufacturing to ensure quality and hygiene
  • Natural. No preservative. No artificial coloring
  • Recommended usage: Drink cup of Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea whenever there are signs of body heatiness and early signs of cold and flu or after taking heaty foods.
  •  Taste well when mix with lemon, honey, serve either hot or cold.

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Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea 6g X 10s (2 boxes)