Hovid Omega 3 & Garlic 60’s x 2 bottles


Hovid Omega 3 + Garlic comes in Pharmaceutical Standards of 500mg Fish Oil (18% EPA & 12% DHA) and Garlic Oil 0.94 mg (equivalent to 3 g of fresh garlic). Use daily to help keep cholesterol at healthy levels & improve blood flow for a healthy heart. Suitable for people with Hypertension, High cholesterol, Diabetes & Overweight & for general health protection

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The most commonly used health supplements to maintain heart and cardiovascular health is none other than
OMEGA 3 Fish Oil and GARLIC OIL a Marriage in Heaven.

Omega 3 Fish oil

• Well researched to provide EPA and DHA to control cholesterol levels, especially the triglycerides, mainly from foods with high oil, fats and starch.

• Display blood thinning benefits, to reduce blood clot and blood vessel blockage

• Anti-inflammatory functions to reduce pains and ache caused by inflammation


• Boost immune system and fight common cold and flu, as it has natural antivirus and antibacterial activities • Clinically proven to play an important role in maintaining Heart Health through blood pressure control


Suitable for:

• People who wants to maintain heart health and healthy blood vessels

• Improvement of immune defense system

• Control and relief inflammation problems such as eczema, arthritis, chronic pain and aches


Usage recommendation:

• 1 capsule a day for daily health maintenance & improve blood flow


Active Ingredients:

Omega-3 Fish Oil 500mg (Providing 90mg of EPA and 60mg of DHA)

Garlic Oil 0.94mg (Equivalent to 3g of Fresh Garlic)


60 capsules in bottle; Light Yellow

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Hovid Omega 3 & Garlic 60's x 2 bottles